Miss Jennifer is a fantastic ballet instructor. My daughter and I always looked forward to her classes. She strikes the perfect balance between patience and enthusiasm, and her classes are never dull thanks to the variety of dance routines she teaches. It’s clear she’s a trained professional; her technique is impressive, and it’s a treat to watch her demonstrate the steps. Her classes are a great fit for anyone, from the littlest kids to adults looking to learn ballet. My daughter started at two years old, and the classes were just the right mix of fun and learning. Jennifer has a special way with kids of all ages and encourages dancers at every level. Her love for dance is obvious, and she’s great at sharing that with her students. We enjoyed weekly classes with her for three years, up until we moved away from Kauai. Leaving her class was a real disappointment. We didn't get around to trying her other dance styles, like hip-hop, but I'm holding out hope that we'll get the chance in the future. For anyone considering dance classes, I can’t recommend Miss Jennifer enough. She’s truly one of a kind.
Twinkle Ballet
Kaila Stein
Age 4
I love dancing ballet and performing. Miss Jennifer is so fun and I always look forward to dancing with my friends at class.
Sparkle Ballet
Ilihia Brown
Age 7
I remember first, arriving in Kauai hoping to continue excellent ballet classes. Having taken ballet for most of my life, it was important for me to find someone familiar with Cicchetti, Balanchine, and Royal Academy method for dance. Various well-known local dance studios were considered, but I worried when instructors seemed completely stumped when I asked about Cicchetti, Balanchine, or even something less threatening like, “What method do you lean toward?” I was so relieved when I found Jennifer. it was immediately clear to me that she had had a broad background in dance and experience and training with an excellent ballet school. It was a welcome change after talking with people who clearly had little background and/or no formal training. Anyone looking for excellence in approach and knowledgeable training should give Jennifer first consideration. As a professional, she is committed to keeping her students safe and progressing toward whatever goal they hope to achieve— everything from maintaining flexibility and strength, as in my case, to becoming an aspiring professional dancer. She knows her stuff.
Jackie Hoban
With Jennifer I've had the privilege of collaborating in the realm of dance since spring 2023. Working alongside her has been an invaluable experience, as I have gleaned a wealth of knowledge not only in the art of dance but also in the comprehensive set of skills essential for success in the performing arts business Her unwavering dedication to the arts and, in particular, her students is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The impact of her presence on the idyllic island of Kaua’i stands as an enduring pillar within the local arts scene. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to and learn from such a dedicated and influential presence in our artistic community. She possesses a remarkable ability to forge connections among artists from various backgrounds, fostering collaboration, experimentation, and compelling performances.
Caitlyn Skenandore
Professional Ballet & Contemporary dancer/artist Classical Ballet, Repertoire, Modern Dance Choreography
As a young kid growing up on Kauai who loved dance, and later moved to the mainland to pursue a collegiate dance education followed by a dance career, traveling and working in NYC, I am immensely grateful for the initial care and training that I received from working with Ms. Jennifer! Ms. Jenn was my first real dance teacher, and her classes were not only thoughtful enough to provide me with the foundations I needed as a young dancer but also incredibly enjoyable! To this day, some of my lifelong friends are young Kauai dancers that I met in Ms. Jenn's classes. Ms. Jenn's attention to detail and technique is highly developed, but she also understands that dance is social, emotional, and joyous! Whether you are seeking professional or recreational dance training on Kauai, I would unequivocally recommend Ms. Jenn – she is the real deal!
Kyle Georgina Marsh
Brooklyn based Pilates instructor, choreographer, dance artist, and educator.
Jennifer is a devoted teacher and passionate dancer. She is both joyous and sensational in class, while also disciplined and focused on the art of technique. As her student, you will be inspired, loved, challenged to improve, you will grow, and most of all, fall in love with Dancing!
Aiyanna Foltz
Former Student
I have known Jennifer for 25 years and have had the privilege of experiencing her skill and talent throughout many classes, rehearsals and performances. My daughter danced ballet and jazz under Jennifer’s tutelage for several years before college and those dance years bestowed her with dedication, discipline, fitness, focus, technique, and above all, a deep appreciation for the arts. My son also enrolled in jazz classes when several boys decided to give dance a try. This was wonderful for coordination, musicality and confidence in performing for them. Dance was a great outlet to harness energy and release tension. During the many rehearsals and performances, I volunteered as a backstage assistant to organize the groups of dancers and help with costume changes, questions from other parents, and clean-up. I was willing to contribute my time especially once I discovered the breadth and magic of Jennifer’s choreography that unfolded in the performances. At the age of 40, I decided to join the adult ballet class for my own enjoyment. Jennifer was most encouraging of the adult students and recognized our cautious foray into the world of ballet. Despite her youthful age at the time, Jennifer conveyed confidence and professionalism in all aspects of teaching. She drew out our ability to showcase our grace and technique on the stage. When Jennifer danced on stage, her students were both awed and inspired that they too, could one day attain such a beautiful art form. This was important to show students that hard work, perseverance, and attending classes resulted in mastery of skills and technique. Kauai is very fortunate to have a highly skilled teacher and choreographer in Jennifer. Her energy and commitment to the education of students through dance opens up a world of possibilities for them. Dance addresses the physical, mental and emotional health of the whole person. I can attest to the positive experience Jennifer’s dance classes have provided for me and my children. We are most grateful.
Andrea Parrish
Ukrainian dance teacher & Dance Fitness Enthusiast