Portrait of A Ballerina

A young ballerina shares her joy of dance on the beaches of Kaua’i. She is a student of the Kaua’i Dance Center owned and operated by Mel Bell-Grey and Miss Jennifer Bell-Grey on Kaua’i.

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Jennifer is an excellent dance teacher. I have studied dance with her for about ten years now and have never had a boring class. Her creativity is limitless. She always creates fun and challenging routines to master, her choice of music is very wide and diversified. I was trying to loose weight this past year doing other forms of exercise but only gained weight. Now with only two 1hr 30min classes per week I have lost fifteen pounds! And I had a fun expressive time doing it. Jennifer is also very inspiring to me because she is an excellent dancer. It is so nice to see someone able to do such technically difficult moves. I love taking ballet and can’t recommend her classes highly enough.”

- Kimberly Fleming artist, composer, Kauai, Hawaii