Garden Island Dance Academy

Class Descriptions

Twinkle Ballet Program (Ages 3-4)

Ages 3-4 is an introduction to dance. The primary goal is to foster a love of movement. Several fun or special activities happen in each class. For example, a scarf or flag dance at the end can facilitate the dancer’s own physical expression. The vocabulary covered in Primary Dance is all steps in which a 3 year old can master, and they build self-confidence. The vocabulary is also set up to prepare students for Ballet 1. Class length is 35 minutes and recommended one (1) time per week.

Sparkle Ballet 1 Program (Ages 5-7)

Ages 5-7 covers a basis of movement found in all dance forms. The goals of the Ballet 1 program are to foster creativity, freedom and expression in movement, and a love for dance. The class includes concepts that are found in an older child’s dance class. The concepts will prepare the students for the following year when they graduate into Ballet 2. By the end of the year the students can dance set work independent of the teacher, memorize simple exercises and sequences, and make a start of musical interpretation. Ballet 1 is a 45 minute class that meets one (1) time a week.

Sparkle Ballet 2 (Ages 6-9)

Ballet 2 students learn basic ballet technique and terminology. This is a good class for children 7 and up. The class encompasses a traditional ballet barre, center work and allegro. Class length is 1 hour, meets once or twice a week.

Sparkle Ballet 3 Ages 9+

Ballet 3 students learn basic ballet technique and terminology. This is a good class for children ages 9 and up, beginner teens & beginner Adults. Students are taught an understanding of barre work, and be able to understand how to linking steps in the center. Basic ballet technique and terminology is taught in this class. The class structure is ballet barre, center work and allegro. This is the next class up from Ballet 2, and meets one or two times per week.

Regal Ballet Intermediate Ages 10+

For student in Pre-Pointe or beginning Pointe this is an excellent class. Students are taught an understanding of barre work, and further understand how to linking steps in the center. Technique for pirouettes, allegro and linking movements are taught in the class, as well as the use of intermediate ballet terminology. This is a good class for teens with at least a year of ballet and beginning adults with some dance background. The class structure is ballet barre, center work and allegro. This is the next class up from Ballet 3 and it is recommended that students take 2 classes per week.

Regal Ballet Advanced Ballet

This class offers important knowledge for students advancing in ballet technique and terminology. Students can join this class after an assessment. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Sizzle Hip Hop & Jazz 1 (ages 5-9)

This energetic class is for children age 5 and up and is recommended for students who are taking Ballet 1. It’s an introduction to jazz and Hip Hop technique and fosters the coordination required for hip hop movements for the physical development of young children. Classes begin with a warm up stretch, and progress to center floor routine and end with a cool down. This class is 45 minutes in length one (1) time per week.

Sizzle Hip Hop & Jazz 2 Program (10+ & teens)

This class is great for student’s ages 10 and up who may be starting hip hop, as well as more experienced hip hop dancers. The class begins with a stretch and tone warm-up, a choreographed routine follows and cool down to end. We have found incorporating Jazz dance expands students’ ability to make transitions smooth. The choreography is taught in counts of eight (8). Each class new elements and choreography are added to build full dance routine. If you are considering joining in, give us a call and you can see for yourself how much fun it is.

Flamenco Spanish Dance

Expand your passion for dance and dance style. This class offers students the Spanish Dance experience. Traditional dances, dance moves and castanets are taught. Students are welcome at any level. Beginners to the seasoned dancer can all benefit from this class and have a great time! Women wear a long skirt, character shoes. Men wear shirt and pants and character shoes.

Adult Classes

For adults interested in starting any dance classes for the first time, please contact us. We’ll be able to recommend the best class for you. Most all the classes with exception to the levels Ballet 2 and lower, are open for adults. We understand the needs of adult students and approach the class differently from our children’s programs. If you have always wanted to start dance or get back into a dance class you have come to the right place. Give us a ring, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Class Instructors

Jennifer Schwartz & Cleopatra Bell-Grey

Jennifer holds classes 6 days a week
Join one of her classes in Lihue, Kapaa & Princeville
Online Ballet Fitness (enroll for zoom link)
Every Tuesday evening 6:30-7:15 pm

Mr Yevhenii Kuchvar

East Side Classes Lihue Parish Hall Boys Ballet, Agility & Partner work Classical Master Classes weekly

Moria Douma

North Shore & East Shore Lyrical contemporary class
Mondays - Princeville Community Center 5:40-6:40
Fridays Lihue Parish Hall 3:00-4:00

Tuition Discounts

Tuition includes discounts for multiple classes and additional discounts for tuition paid in full annually at the time of registration.

When you can start

Students may start dance class at any time throughout the year.

What to wear

No jewelry i.e. necklaces, long earrings, watches (most rings and stud earrings OK)

Twinkle Ballet, Sparkle Ballet 1, Sparkle Ballet 2

Girls: Pink ballet dress, or pink leotard, matching colored circular skirt, pink tights, pink shoes Boys: Athletic Shorts (black), black ballet slippers, white socks, white shirt

Sparkle 3, 4, 5, 6 Advanced

Girls: Black leotard, black wrap skirt, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes. Adults may wear a choice of any color leotard and tights or leggings Boys/Men: Black tights for men, white or black ballet shoes, fitted V neck t-shirt

Sizzle Hip Hop & Jazz 1, 2, 3

Girls: Black Jazz pants, any color camisole top, black jazz shoes, Hip Hop sneakers Boys: Black Jazz pants, any color T-shirt, black jazz shoes, Hip Hop sneakers All long hair must be tied back, Girls’ hair must be in a neat secure bun or French Braid for Ballet, or tied back in a ponytail for Hip Hop and Flamenco

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