Renowned Ukrainian male ballet artist teaches Kaua’i students at the Garden Island Dance Academy

Yevhenii Kuchvar

There’s a vibrant and collaborative artistic community unfolding on Kauai, centered around ballet and dance. The presence of Yevhenii Kuchvar, a renowned Ukrainian male ballet artist, has brought new energy and opportunities to the Garden Island Dance Academy (GIDA). Mr. Kuchvar is being sponsored by and collaborating with Jennifer Schwartz and other local artists like Caitlyn Skenandore and has sparked creative projects and enriched the cultural scene on the island. After visiting Kaua’i last May and meeting Jennifer Schwartz, he has extended his stay and found sanctuary and sponsorship on Kauai. Since then, they have been working on ways to bring ballet and dance to the Kauai Community.

Jennifer Schwartz’s initiative with Performing Arts For All, a nonprofit she founded, underscores her commitment to making dance accessible through scholarships and educational opportunities. This inclusive approach not only fosters talent but also strengthens the community’s appreciation for the performing arts. Ms Schwartz has been teaching ballet on Kauai since 1998 and has put on many performances with her students around the island. Her background is from the Royal Ballet School in London England in the Vaganova, Russian style of training.

Jennifer and Yevhenii first met in May of 2023 and They have worked to gather on several artistic projects at the Hoike Community Television and collaborated with dancer and artist Caitlyn Skenandore.

Their efforts have not only introduced classical ballet training of high caliber reminiscent of institutions like the Bolshoi Ballet and American Ballet Theater, but have also nurtured local talent through master classes and specialized training sessions.

Through Garden Island Dance Academy (GIDA), Mr. Kuchvar offers weekly classes catering to a wide range of students, from young boys learning agility in ballet to seasoned dancers seeking to deepen their artistry. These classes are fun for training dancers and offer a rich background in artistry, musically, and classical dance mastery. They are the sort of classes students would take if they went off-island and enrolled in the Bolshoi Ballet or American Ballet Theater in NY City. His class schedule is on the GIDA website.
For those interested in becoming involved or supporting this artistic endeavor, visit or contact Jennifer Schwartz directly. Her vision is to provide avenues to contribute to the growing cultural tapestry of Kauai. Her non-profit arts organization was founded by Jennifer with the support of Dr B Blackwell in November 2023, and their goal this year is to raise scholarship funds for students who could not otherwise participate.

For more information please visit to become a friend of “DANCE” contact Jennifer Schwartz at 415-990-5145

Dance Students Perform on Sunday

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