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Kauai Dance Center’s programs, shows, and performance opportunities are available to students of all ages and abilities.

KDC offers dance classes for adults, young people and children as young as three and students at every level. Dance is a wonderful activity, a beautiful discipline to study, and a great form of exercise and creative outlet, all in one! Our classes include Beginning to Advanced Ballet, Flamenco and Hip-Hop.

As artists and educators, we take great pride to make certain that every student is taught at the highest professional standards, striving conscientiously to inspire and develop in each child and individual a love for, and understanding of, the beautiful art of dance. The Kauai Dance Center offers programs for students with professional aspirations as well as students who take dance for the benefits such as:

  • Poise
  • Grace
  • Self discipline
  • Self expression
  • Musicality
  • Creativity
  • Balance
  • Fitness
  • Camaraderie

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Upcoming Events

Mokan Nokan Dance Explosion Gala

May 5 at the Grand Hyatt Resort Ballroom

Our organization has been promoting the arts, creativity, and healthy living among the island’s young people for 20 years, while also exposing them to the international culture and expression of ballet. We are Kauai Dance Center. And our name may be misleading at first – while we do offer dance classes, we also do much more. Kauai Dance Center operates in conjunction with Eyes Wide Open Productions, which produces a popular Hawaii television show called The Mokan Nokan Show, among other multimedia products and events.

In addition, Kauai Dance Center Outreach is a nonprofit organization helping underserved students on Kauai access dance and the arts. Right now you have the opportunity to support Kauai Dance Center and all its endeavors.

Our annual big show and gala is coming up on May 5 at the Grand Hyatt Resort Ballroom. There will be a matinee show at 11:00 a.m. showcasing the talents of students of all ages through ballet, hip hop, modern, hula, and lyrical dances. The evening event, however, cannot be missed. The 6:00 p.m. gala will include a 1-hour show performed by the studio’s most advanced students; a buffet dinner; live music; a silent auction; and, after the show, an open dance floor with a DJ and other incredible surprises. The production will also feature Mokan and Nokan, which is fast becoming a favorite on local Hawaii television.

The evening gala provides a rare chance to get dressed up, enjoy an elegant meal, have fun, and watch a full performance extravaganza that rivals those on the mainland, all for much less than the cost of seeing just a dance show in other cities. All-inclusive tickets to the event are $125 per person until April 5 and $150 thereafter and can be purchased through the “Buy Tickets” button below.

If you will not be on island on May 5, you can still support this important work. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation or sponsor a table at the gala, please call Kauai Dance Center at (808) 823-9588. You can also watch the Mokan Nokan show on Spectrum OC16 or online at