Scholarship Fund

Kauai Dance Center’s programs, shows, and performance opportunities are available to students of all ages and abilities.

KDC offers dance classes for adults, young people and children as young as three and students at every level. Dance is a wonderful activity, a beautiful discipline to study, and a great form of exercise and creative outlet, all in one! Our classes include Beginning to Advanced Ballet, Flamenco and Hip-Hop.

As artists and educators, we take great pride to make certain that every student is taught at the highest professional standards, striving conscientiously to inspire and develop in each child and individual a love for, and understanding of, the beautiful art of dance. The Kauai Dance Center offers programs for students with professional aspirations as well as students who take dance for the benefits such as:

  • Poise
  • Grace
  • Self discipline
  • Self expression
  • Musicality
  • Creativity
  • Balance
  • Fitness
  • Camaraderie

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Upcoming Events

Mokan Nokan Road Show

Kauai Dance Center’s Annual Dance Extravaganza

Kauai Community College Performing Arts Center Theater
Saturday, March 11, 2017
11 AM Morning or 3 PM Afternoon

The Mokan Nokan Beautiful Hawaii Roadshow

Ballet, Hip Hop, Hula, Lyrical & Contemporary dance

Enjoy sounds of original scores in Orchestral Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern Hula, by local filmmaker/director/composer Mel Bell-Grey as well as classical music of Tchaikovsky’s Traditional Swan Lake and other modern classical composers and contemporary artist.

This show has something everyone will love.

Warning! It’s not your everyday dance recital.

View 3 minute Promo YouTube

This is a Roadshow!

Variety and packed with FUN!
Dance, acting music and singing.
Its a Multimedia show fusing film, dance, music, with outstanding costumes and design.

Featured is a cast of 60 talented students from Kauai Dance Center.
All ages from 3 years-old through Adults.

The show’s story is based on the mystery of a dragon living in the Kilauea volcano and in the end coming to learn of what it really is and it’s origins.

A show of Homage to Hawaii and all about “D A N C E !”  too

The Mokan Nokan Beautiful Hawaii Roadshow

It’s the TV Show, but up close.

It’s LIVE.


For more information on “Who are?” and “How you too” can find the Mokan Nokan Show and when you can watch it on TV or the Web.
Please visit

If you go to one show a year, make this one!

There will be refreshments available for purchase during the intermission.

Free parking
Saturday, March 11, 2017
11 AM or 3 PM

Performance length 1 hour 30 minutes

Adult tickets $20. Advanced – $25 at the Door
Child tickets $10. Advanced – $15 at the Door

Purchase Tickets Online

And at the following locations: (Princeville) Magic Dragon Toy and Art Supply, (Kapaa) Kauai Music and Sound, (Lihue) Kauai Dance Center, (Koloa) Progressive Expressions.

This show is sponsored by Kauai Dance Center-O (non-profit 501(c)(3))
For more information call 808-823-9588

Kauai Dance Center continues important work of providing performance opportunities as well as scholarships to dance students. The Non-Profit Performance and Scholarship Fund is a way the community can help, get involved and show & share support. All proceeds for the purpose of the scholarship fund are tax deductible.